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Homebirth Resources

What is Homebirth? 

Is Homebirth Safe? 

Why do women choose to birth at home? 

What is the different between MGP and Homebirth with private midwives? 

What is the Freebirth? What is the difference between freebirth and Homebirth with midwives?

What are the benefits of birthing at home? 

More than a healthy baby
The emotional and psychological wellbeing of birthing women must be considered when considering your intended place of birth.  Continuity of midwifery carer has been linked to:

  • higher overall satisfaction with birth experience (8)

  • feeling more in control during labour (8)

  • less anxiety around childbirth (8)

  • a more positive experience of pain during childbirth (8).

What are the stats of homebirth compared to hospital? 

- homebirth = less interventions. 

how do i find a midwife?

The big lists HBQ

Homenbirth Australian

Are you in Australia and has your GP refused to write you a referral for a homebirth midwife?

Make a complaint to APHRA here

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